What kind of school do you want ?

IB program ? UK - US or Asian style of education ? You have plenty of choice.

Which type of education for your kids ?

Different program, specific majors, extra-curricular activities ?

Foreigners in Vietnam living in Ho Chi Minh city

What is your budget in choosing a school ?

From a local to international school, the budget and costs can be very different.

Where is the location of the education center ?

Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An ... ? Where do you pla to relocate ?

How to Find the Perfect International School for Your Child in Asia

Making a research about which school your child would be the best would for your child, would be the first step in the right direction. International schools are the best for students that come from around the world. International schools make the transfer of expat’s children easy because most of them speak English and also your child would be surrounded by other international students. How can you narrow your list down and ultimately pick the right school for your child? Here are a few steps:

What kind of international schools for your kids ?

What kind of international school do you want? There are British international schools where learning is in English and a part of the student body and teachers are from the United Kingdom and the UK curricula are followed. There are also International Schools, where learning is also in English but the curricula are not based on the curricula of a single country. The student body and teachers can be from different parts of the world. Do you want your child to go to a British International school or a general one? After that decision is made, you need to know where the schools are located, for example, Most of Vietnam’s international schools are found in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. 59% of its international schools are in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi takes a better part of the remaining percentage.

Plan Ahead your relocation overseas

Is your relocation permanent or temporary? Find a school that would reach the requirements that would be demanded by a different school or college, in other words, find a school that allows a continuity of education, so they will not have to be taken a class back if you move again or they want to go into college. If your stay is permanent, find an international school that teaches in English but at the same time teaches the country's culture and maybe offers to teach their language to the students. The British Vietnamese International School in Ho Chi Minh City is an example of a school that offers the "best of both world" to its students.
International schools in Vietnam for foreigners

Curriculum of the schools

The curriculum of the school your child is moving from could be entirely different from the one he/she is moving to. Switching curriculums could harm the academic progress of the child as the model and method and what is being learned could be completely different from what the child is used to. Try to find a school with a curriculum that blends, if not perfectly almost perfectly with the curriculum they are moving from, to ease their learning process. Also, check if the curriculum of the school offers courses that are necessary for the career goal or course of study that your child has in mind. Also, check if they offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program that will be accepted by all colleges and universities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Does the school provide the avenue for extra-curricula activities? Activities like, sport, photography classes, baking classes, etc. if your child is one that is into sports, it would do you a lot of good to look into international schools that offer sporting activities. Do not assume that all schools offer extra-curricular activities because all schools are different and have a different agenda. Always make sure to check if the activities are available for your child's development.
How to find a school for foreigners in Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Hoi An international schools ?

How far away from school is your home? Can you get there quickly in case of an emergency? A major factor to consider and weigh is the distance of the school from your home. If the school is a long distance from home, it would neither favor you nor your child, especially if you have to pick up your child and then have to drive back to work or if the child has to take the long walk home. Some schools offer the option of school buses for the students, so make sure to confirm if the option is available or you have to look for schools closer to home.

Vietnamse students from an international school

Research On the School

Research as much as you can on the schools that you have been able to narrow down, check their accreditations. Are they who they say they are? Is what they acclaim true? The internet is the first place to start, does the school have a good information website? The internet is not the only way to check, you can always go around and ask for recommendations, speak to anyone you know who has ties to the country and can recommend a school or have links to a particular school. The internet and word of mouth are the best ways to go about things.

Kids in Vietnam going home after school

Cost of the International School

International schools are quite expensive, word around is that the employer of the parents pays for the tuition, but this is not always the case. You can always research on all the schools on your list tuition and then compare prices, this will help you narrow down your list even more. You can discuss with the school on how payments would be made to the school. It is best to settle on a school that sits within your budget.

Public vs Private vs international education in Vietnam

Cultural and Social Integration

Do you want your child to integrate and mix his/her new society? Single curriculum international schools appeal to people who plan on returning to their home country because it makes it easier for the child but if your stay is permanent, you should take your child to an international school that offers both cultures, this would help broaden your child’s view of the world and help them understand it better.

Choosing a school as an foreign expatriate in Vietnam ?

"Choosing a school all comes down to preference and personal decision, the guides should help you narrow down your options to the top 2 or even pick the winning school. If the school you pick out doesn’t sit right with you eventually, you can always switch schools, your child will adjust to it. There is no perfect school, but you should always pick out a school that is the best option for your child."